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"Hublot and Arturo Fuente joined forces and have been partners and friends since 2012. Today, more than 10 years of great collaboration and work hand in hand. Since the collaboration started, I have not only found a partner for Hublot, but I have found true friends.

Carlito and Manny, are truly part of the Hublot Family! Thanks for the relationship we have between my teams here in Nyon and Carlito’s teams in the Dominican Republic, we managed to present amazing products. For the various limited editions we produced together, with the help of Manny Iriarte, the Fuente family’s designer, the teams at Hublot have infused our iconic timepieces with all the codes which are so dear to the Dominican cigar company.”


Laurent Fuchs

C.E.O. of Elie Bleu 

"Working with a talented person is always a challenge. When it comes to Manny Irarte, more is needed than ever, because as a person or as a designer, Manny wants his dreams to come true.

So, we certainly have realized one of our finest achievements with the special cabinet OPUS X 25thanniversary.

I personally really liked to collaborate with Manny because of his professional but overall human qualities, joie de vivre and contagious enthusiasm."

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Alain Crevet

C.E.O S.T.Dupont

As C.E.O of the maison S.T.Dupont I had the pleasure and privilege to work with Manny Iriarte on a special collaboration.

Thanks to Manny we launched in 2019 one of the most famous collection of S.T.Dupont lighter “Fuente Open X 25th anniversary”.

The enjoyment of a fine cigar is always enhanced by the quality and the beauty of the lighter. Manny knows that and offered us a superb design that we took pleasure in declining on a whole range of products.

A great meeting and a memorable collaboration with Manny.  

CARLOS "CARLITOS" FUENTE JR. - President The Fuente Companies

"Manny's a special human being, He has incredible talent and creativity but beside that he has a feeling of the culture, the history, and the passion of cigars which is something to be admired and respected. Another thing about Manny that I admire is his work ethic, he's very serious and hard-working, but he's also very responsible, in a short time Manny and I have become close friends to the point that I consider him like family"

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RICK DE LA CROIX - President Hublot Mexico Latin America and Travel retail

"Manny Iriarte has played a key role in the vision and design of the Fuente / Hublot watch collection. Working closely with the brands Swiss design and production team

Manny has been able to transmit the strong heritage and emotions of the Fuente brand and product to the Hublot philosophy of time pieces.
After three sold out editions the Fuente Hublot collaboration remains one of the brands strongest collaborations and events and brand launches have been executed globally.

It is a pleasure to work with Manny who has distinguished himself as a creative and original talent with an eye for details that make the difference"

2013 Presidential Medal of Freedom
10 Time Grammy Award Winner
6 Time Billboard Award Winner
Emmy Award Recipient

* I know very well the work of my dear friend Manny Irlarte, I have been able to closely follow his development as a great photographer and designer. It has been a great pleasure for me to see his work for years in major publications as well as with important brands including: Arturo Fuente Cigars and the famous Hublot watches, I have had the pleasure of having their photos on many of my own albums and videos. Congratulations Manny"

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President & Publisher Cigar Snob Magazine

"Manny hit the cigar industry like a bolt of lightning. He brought a level of artistic quality and depth that was sorely missing.

The industry is in a better place today thanks to his creativity and hard work"

President Selecta Magazine

"It was evident from the first day I met Manny years ago that he was going to make a strong impact in the design world, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with him on many successful projects in the publishing realm. His creativity, talent, and vision have taken him to unimaginable heights, I am always so impressed with his work and am excited to see what comes next from this incredibly talented and hard-working artist'

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Founding Editor of SMOKE Magazine & The Cigar Report
Award-winning publisher and bestselling author  of PLAYBOY: The Book of Cigars, The Impossible Collection of Cigars, and 15 other luxury lifestyle books 

"Manny Iriarte and I have many shared passions and appreciations—cigars and related accessories, all manner of luxury goods, and most of all, exception design.

I have been covering as a journalist and author the world of luxury from travel and automobiles, to fine timepieces, premium cigars and top shelf spirits for over thirty years.

And in that time few creative minds have ever shone through the ranks as Manny has, and very much continues to do so at the top of his game.

In turn he has firmly planted himself in the highest pantheon of multidisciplinary designers and creatives.

Admiring Manny’s myriad of talents and working with him personally I am in a perpetual state of awe as to his intuitive, precise and deftly executed designs and creative marks. Bravo.”

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